how often to fertilize snake plant

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Once a month

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  • How much fertilizer does a snake plant need?

  • The snake plant doesn鈥檛 need a lot of fertilization, but it will boost the plants鈥?growth if you fertilize them during the growing season. Use a balanced 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 fertilizer every 4-6 weeks for ideal growth. It is recommended to dose half of full strength to avoid overfertilization.

  • How to grow a snake plant?

  • The Snake plant needs to receive the micronutrients for proper growth. For this, we will also add some compost to the soil. Lastly, we will make a note to reduce the use of fertilizer to half the amount during the fall and stop the use of fertilizer during the winter.

  • Do snake plant fertilizer spikes work?

  • Fertilizer spikes distribute nutrients laterally, so they do not get nutrients to a Snake Plant鈥檚 deep roots. Spikes can also hurt fragile roots by concentrating fertilizer in one spot. These are intended to add directly to the watering can. This provides a precise control over the amount of fertilizer.

  • Should you fertilize at the nursery or at home?

  • When the plants are in the nursery, they use a slow-release fertilizer in the soil. So by the time you get the plant home, all the goodness of the fertilizer might be gone.

    how often to fertilize snake plant

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