how much dhea for fertility

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75 mg

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  • How much DHEA should I take for IVF?

  • There have been many clinical trials on DHEA supplementation for women undergoing IVF. Most of the studies use 75mg/day of DHEA, often broken up into three doses of 25mg each. Trial participants took the DHEA for three to four months before the eggs were harvested.

  • Can DHEA help with fertility management?

  • The use of DHEA for fertility management is fairly new and is often reserved for helping women suffering from a poor ovarian response (POR) and diminished ovarian response (DOR). This hormone鈥檚 concentration in the body decreases as a person ages.

  • What is DHEA and who should take it?

  • Some doctors offer it for women with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) as indicated by low AMH and/or high FSH, premature ovarian aging (POA), poor responders to previous IVF cycles, and for women over 40 whose ovarian reserve is declining due to aging. What is DHEA? Why is DHEA Important?

  • Can I get pregnant with DHEA before or after egg donation?

  • Many fertility clinics have found increased results in helping women who were once told 鈥測ou can only achieve pregnancy through egg donation鈥?by simply having them supplement with DHEA prior to and through IVF. If you have diminished ovarian reserve, DHEA is a supplement you should definitely talk to your doctor about.

    how much dhea for fertility

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