how long do chicken eggs stay fertile

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  • How long does a chicken stay fertile?

  • Well, a hen will usually lay a clutch of 10 eggs to sit on so they stay fertile for at least that long (10 days). I don’t really know after that.

  • How long do eggs stay fertilized from the hen?

  • I use 2- no more than 3 weeks as to your answer on how long your eggs stay fertilized coming from the hen. However, be sure and keep them in a cool place like 70 to no more than 80 degree room temperatature and incubate by 5 days otherwise the fertilization and birthrate RAPIDLY goes down AFTER this time.

  • How long does it take for an egg to be fertile?

  • An egg laid the next day may or may not be fertile, depending on the timing. An egg laid on the third day definitely should be fertile. The amount of time during which the hen will continue to lay fertile eggs depends on how much sperm fills the SSTs, which are capable of storing semen from multiple matings and multiple roosters.

  • How long do chickens lay eggs after mating?

  • An interesting fact about hens is that they can lay fertilized eggs for 3 to 4 weeks after mating. This means that the hen will still be fertile and produce more eggs even if its partner has passed away or left them.

    how long do chicken eggs stay fertile

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