how long after applying lime can you apply fertilizer

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Seven to 10 days

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  • Can I apply lime and fertilizer at the same time?

  • To save you time (and likely money), it’s okay to apply lime and fertilizer at the same time. The fertilizer will provide an immediate supply of nutrients to the soil, while the lime will release slowly over time and maintain the appropriate pH balance.

  • When can I fertilize after liming?

  • Wait at least a month after liming to add fertilizer. Microbiotic life in the soil consumes the fertilizer and makes it available to the plants, but the soil needs to be at the right pH for the bacteria and fungus to do their jobs.

  • How to apply lime to soil for plant growth?

  • Once plants have been given appropriate time to start absorbing the nutrients present in the fertilizer, apply lime to the soil. The addition of lime will increase the effectiveness of the fertilizer already present in the ground. The plants鈥?roots, which should have started growing by this point, will enjoy the extra boost provided by the lime.

  • When is the best time of year to apply lime to plants?

  • If you need it, lime is best applied in late fall before the ground freezes. The freezing and thawing of soil over winter helps work lime into the soil, Landschoot says.

    how long after applying lime can you apply fertilizer

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