how far can pesticides drift

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Hundreds of feet

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  • What is pesticide drift?

  • Pesticide spray drift is the movement of pesticide dust or droplets through the air at the time of application or soon after, to any site other than the area intended. Pesticide droplets are produced by spray nozzles used in application equipment for spraying pesticides on crops, forests, turf and home gardens.

  • What factors affect exposure to drift from agricultural pesticide applications?

  • For example, the vapor pressure of the pesticide and meteorologic conditions are important factors in the estimation of exposure to drift from agricultural pesticide applications (Lee et al. 2002; Ramaprasad et al. 2004).

  • How do you prevent herbicide drift?

  • Ways to Minimize or Prevent Pesticide Drift: Adjust your nozzle(s) and pressure to make bigger droplets. Apply pesticides during calm weather conditions. Avoid applications when there is fog hanging in the air. Applying some herbicides before hot weather can lead to vapor drift. Read the herbicide labels carefully to learn more.

  • How can we prevent pesticides from drifting into our greenhouses?

  • For example, notifying neighbouring greenhouse growers of an early morning pesticide application gives them the opportunity to close the vents, thus avoiding the possibility of drift into the greenhouse.

    how far can pesticides drift

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