how does soil erosion affect soil fertility

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  • How does soil erosion affect plant growth?

  • Soil erosion can deplete the fertility of the soil thereby making the soil unsuitable for the growing of crops and vegetables. As wind and water erode or wash away topsoil, they take with them the vital nutrients in the soil that plants need in order to grow and develop well. Soil erosion can lead to siltation.

  • How does soil erosion cause floods?

  • It also sends soil-laden water downstream, which can create heavy layers of sediment that prevent streams and rivers from flowing smoothly and can eventually lead to flooding. Once soil erosion occurs, it is more likely to happen again.

  • What are the factors that affect soil fertility?

  • Several factors contribute to soil fertility. The soil needs to be deep enough for roots to grow and water to be retained in it. Weak root growth or water that evaporates too quickly will result in plants that don鈥檛 thrive. There also needs to be some drainage in the soil. More clay-based soils can result in poor drainage.

  • Which layer of soil is most affected by wind erosion?

  • Topsoil, which lies closest to the surface of the land, contains essential nutrients for crops. It is this layer of soil that is endangered by wind and water erosion. Soil erosion decreases soil fertility, which can negatively affect crop yields.

    how does soil erosion affect soil fertility

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