how does soil erosion affect soil fertility

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  • How does erosion affect fertilizers?

  • When erosion is severe, the nutrient is lost along with soil and the fertility of soil decreases accordingly. Fertilizers, both straight and mixed, are soluble in water and as such they are liable to loss by leaching in rain water or irrigation water. Leaching loss is more acute in sandy soil and bare soils.

  • How does soil erosion affect plant growth?

  • Soil erosion can deplete the fertility of the soil thereby making the soil unsuitable for the growing of crops and vegetables. As wind and water erode or wash away topsoil, they take with them the vital nutrients in the soil that plants need in order to grow and develop well. Soil erosion can lead to siltation.

  • Why does soil fertility decrease?

  • Because the fertility of the soil decreases by the process of leaching and weathering in course of time. Besides this, cultivation of crops without manuring decreases the fertility of soil. vii. Micro-Organism and Soil Fertility:

  • How does soil erosion lead to desertification?

  • This degrades the soil and results in desertification. The major effects of soil erosion include: Soil erosion removes the top fertile layer of the soil. This layer is rich in the essential nutrients required by the plants and the soil. The degraded soil does not support crop production and leads to low crop productivity.

    how does soil erosion affect soil fertility

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