how do you spell fertile

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  • What is the meaning of fertile?

  • English Language Learners Definition of fertile : producing many plants or crops : able to support the growth of many plants : producing a large amount of something : producing many ideas

  • What is the difference between fertile and fecund?

  • While all these words mean producing or capable of producing offspring or fruit, fertile implies the power to reproduce in kind or to assist in reproduction and growth; applied figuratively, it suggests readiness of invention and development. Where would fecund be a reasonable alternative to fertile?

  • What is a fertile seed or egg?

  • 鈥?A fertile seed or egg is able to develop into a new plant or animal. More examples. Cats become fertile at about 6 months old. Women become less fertile as their age increases. To improve your chances of conceiving, you should know at what time in your menstrual cycle you are most fertile.

  • What is the meaning of the word prolific?

  • This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity. bearing, producing, or capable of producing vegetation, crops, etc., abundantly; prolific: fertile soil. bearing or capable of bearing offspring.

    how do you spell fertile

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