how do pesticides and fertilizers cause water pollution

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  • How do pesticides contribute to pollution?

  • As a result, they alter the state of such water bodies by changing to its physical, chemical or biological conditions, thereby making it toxic, contaminated and unsuitable for use. When pesticides contaminate waters, such waters become harmful to living organisms that consume or come in contact with them.

  • How do chemical fertilizers cause water pollution?

  • How Chemical Fertilizers Cause Water Pollution? Chemical fertilizers contain phosphates, nitrates that can actually be the main reason behind water pollution. Environmental nitrogen and phosphorous contribute to the process of Eutrophication, which enriches the water surface with nutrients.

  • What are the causes of water pollution?

  • Water pollution is one form of pollution that is caused by the improper use of pesticides. This can occur when pesticides are used on land areas that are used to grow crops and are flushed away by wind and rainfall into water bodies.

  • What are the bad effects of pesticides?

  • Pesticides cause pollution by running off agricultural fields and from horticultural land and domestic gardens, too. Rain water washes the chemicals into nearby water sources. Here are some of the bad effects of pesticides. Picture: Rivers and other water sources may be affected by pesticides. Flooding may cause additional problems.

    how do pesticides and fertilizers cause water pollution

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