how can you get rid of termites without pesticides

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Soapy water

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  • How to kill termites naturally?

  • Below are 7 simple methods that explain how to kill termites naturally. You can try them today to get rid of termites. 1. Using a Cardboard Trap. 2. Exposing the Area to Sunlight. 3. Eliminating Moisture. 4. Using Parasitic Nematodes. 5. Using Botanical Treatments.

  • How do you get rid of termites with orange oil?

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and add 15-20 drops orange oil and a few drops of dish washing liquid. Liberally spray on the affected areas in your home. Repeat every day and look for signs that the orange oil insecticide is killing off termites.

  • How do I get rid of termites on my furniture?

  • Termites thrive in darkness, and the heat and light from the sun will kill them. On a sunny day, place your furniture outside for as long as possible – preferably 2-3 days. This method works well in conjunction with the cardboard trap method for capturing/killing the termites. Freeze the termites.

  • How do you get rid of drywood termite infestations?

  • For drywood termite infestations, it is possible to find a solution using heat and cold treatments. In order to prepare for a heat treatment, you must first remove certain items from the building. This is because, during a heat treatment, a forced, heated air flow is pushed into a sealed structure with temperatures of up to 140 degrees.

    how can you get rid of termites without pesticides

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