how can pesticides affect the environment

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Air pollution

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  • How does insecticide affect the environment?

  • Insecticide and nematicide runoff into surface waters such as streams and ponds can be particularly harmful to aquatic organisms. Pesticide runoff also can lead to groundwater contamination and can cause injury to crops, livestock or humans if the contaminated water is used downstream.

  • How do pesticides affect biodiversity?

  • Companies have begun developing pesticides with reduced side effects for non-target species as well. Once applied to crops, pesticides work their way into the soil, where it has devastating effects. Perhaps the most detrimental of these effects is that pesticide causes biodiversity loss in soil.

  • What are the effects of pesticides on air?

  • Impact Of Pesticides On Air. Pesticides do not only collect on plants, seep into the ground, and wash away into nearby waterways. These chemicals are also easily carried on the wind to other, non-agricultural areas, in a phenomenon known as pesticide drift.

  • How are pesticides affecting our water?

  • Pesticides seep into the soil and find their way into groundwater. Additionally, they may be washed into nearby streams and rivers. In fact, research has found that every stream and around 90% of all water wells are polluted with pesticides in the US. Rain and groundwater sources have also been found to be contaminated.

    how can pesticides affect the environment

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