how can pesticides affect the environment

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Air pollution

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  • How do pesticides affect plants and animals?

  • Pesticide use affects both plants and animals. Chemicals reduce nitrogen fixation, the symbiotic relationship between nitrogen fixing bacteria and plants that is required for proper plant growth. A reduction in nitrogen fixation results in reduced crop yield, particularly in legume type plants.

  • How do pesticides affect water quality?

  • The fate of a pesticide and the likelihood of a pesticide moving into water are affected by the pesticide’s chemical and physical properties, soil and geologic characteristics, climatic conditions, and pesticide handling practices. Each factor must be considered when determining the susceptibility of water to pesticide contamination.

  • What are the effects of pesticides on air?

  • Impact Of Pesticides On Air. Pesticides do not only collect on plants, seep into the ground, and wash away into nearby waterways. These chemicals are also easily carried on the wind to other, non-agricultural areas, in a phenomenon known as pesticide drift.

  • Why don鈥檛 pesticides work?

  • Research has shown, for example, that over 95% of herbicides and over 98% of insecticides do not reach the targeted pest. This is because pesticides are applied over large tracts of land and carried away by wind and water runoff. As these chemicals travel to other areas, they affect a number of plant and animal species.

    how can pesticides affect the environment

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