does wyman’s use pesticides

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Do not contain pesticides

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  • Do Wyman’s blueberries have pesticides?

  • The USDA did not exclude blueberries as it usually makes the dirty dozen list, since more than 50 pesticides have been detected as residue on them. Frozen blueberries have proved somewhat less contaminated. Lettuce makes the list of dirty dozen foods with the most pesticides. Herein, are Wyman’s Blueberries Organic?

  • Is Wyman’s organic?

  • Wyman’s (which aren’t organic) are grown in Maine. However, Wyman’s has a reputation and proven track record for stewardship, watching out for the rights of its workers (and even for bees).

  • Why Wyman鈥檚 blueberries?

  • That鈥檚 why at Wyman鈥檚 our mission is simple: We want to help the world eat more fruit. To do that, we impeccably maintain our barrens of antioxidant-rich Wild Blueberries and partner with like-minded farmers from all over, allowing us to pair our harvests with the most flavorful and nutritious fruits on the planet.

  • How many pesticides are used on American farms each year?

  • In 2016, U.S. farms used 544 million kilograms (1.2 billion pounds) of pesticides. More than one-fourth 鈥?146 million kilograms (322 million pounds) 鈥?were pesticides banned in the European Union.

    does wyman’s use pesticides

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