does organic produce use pesticides

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It’s no secret that both organic and conventional farmers use pesticides but, for the most part,organic growers use natural pesticidesrather than synthetic chemicals. Under federal law, natural pesticides are allowed in the USDA organic program, whereas most synthetic pesticides are not permitted. Click to see full answer.

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  • Do organic foods have pesticides?

  • Contrary to popular belief, organic foods have pesticides, whether used directly on the crops or not. Organic foods can be treated with pesticides from the USDA鈥檚 approved substances list, which includes products like copper sulfate and hydrogen peroxide.

  • Does’organic’really mean pesticide free?

  • In the market, there are pesticides approved for organic agriculture 鈥攖hese are supposed to be low in toxicity compared to pesticides used in conventional farming. So just because you sell it as organic, it doesn’t really mean it’s pesticide free.

  • What chemicals are used in organic farming?

  • Pesticides approved for use in organic farming include neem oil, made from the neem tree, and pyrethrin, which is made from chrysanthemum plants. A few synthetic chemicals are also allowed in organic farming. Examples include copper sulfate, alcohols, chlorine products, hydrogen peroxide, and soaps.

  • How many pesticides are approved for use in organic agriculture?

  • In the EU, according to the pesticide approvals database, there are currently 490 substances approved for use as pesticides 鈥?of which only 28 are approved for use in organic agriculture.

    does organic produce use pesticides

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