does organic produce use pesticides

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Contrary to popular belief,organic farming does use pesticides. Over a hundred fertilizers and inputs (pesticides, insecticides or fungicides) are authorized by organic farming regulations in Europe and the United States. The full list can be found in Europe鈥檚 Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.

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  • Are there pesticides in organic food?

  • The truth is that many organic farmers rely on pesticides and herbicides鈥攕ubstances used protect crops from insects, weeds, and infections鈥攆rom a relatively small list that鈥檚 regularly vetted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But that doesn’t mean that organic food is unsafe to eat. Here’s the lowdown about pesticides in organic food.

  • Does’organic’really mean pesticide free?

  • In the market, there are pesticides approved for organic agriculture 鈥攖hese are supposed to be low in toxicity compared to pesticides used in conventional farming. So just because you sell it as organic, it doesn’t really mean it’s pesticide free.

  • Do organic farmers use more pesticides than conventional farmers?

  • First, the idea that organic farmers are secretly getting away with using more pesticides than conventional farmers can be dispensed with in a general sense by way of a few simple observations, before taking a more granular look at the issue.

  • Is your produce really organic without pesticides?

  • Unless you know your grower personally, there is no guarantee that your produce has been grown without pesticides or other chemicals. It’s a point to consider, given the substantially higher cost of organic foods. There are many choices and decisions that we, as consumers, are asked to make.

    does organic produce use pesticides

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