does finasteride affect fertility

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Does not reduce fertility

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  • Does finasteride affect sperm count?

  • Finasteride can reduce sperm count in some men and this has the potential to cause secondary infertility in some men. Not all men experience this issue. For men who do have a reduction in sperm count, once the finasteride is stopped the sperm counts rise.

  • Can you get pregnant after stopping finasteride?

  • Although millions of men have taken or are taking finasteride, there are no documented cases of successful pregnancy in the literature after discontinuation of the drug.

  • Can finasteride be used to treat prostatitis?

  • Although finasteride has been approved to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia since 1992, a 1-mg dose has been used to treat male pattern baldness since 1997. This newer treatment indication has resulted in far more men who are of reproductive age using the drug.

  • Can finasteride cause oligospermia?

  • We report the case of a couple whose male partner had used finasteride for approximately 10 years and who presented for primary infertility. The first semen analysis, carried out 3 months after finasteride cessation, revealed severe oligospermia.

    does finasteride affect fertility

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