does amazon spray pesticides on their boxes

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  • Does Amazon spray its packaging with toxic pesticides?

  • Amazon says it doesn鈥檛 spray its packaging with toxic pesticides and that its boxes are no different than most other card packaging.

  • Does Amazon spray anything on their boxes?

  • She said that Amazon does not spray anything on their boxes, not pesticides and not disinfectant. She said that the customer service representative was mistaken.

  • Are 鈥榯oxic pesticides鈥?sprayed in pet boxes?

  • A Dec. 27 Facebook post shared by the New York-based charity Uptown Cat Rescue warned pet owners that 鈥淎LL鈥?boxes are sprayed with 鈥渢oxic pesticides to kill wearouse [sic] rodents!鈥?Allegations involving packaging materials and pet illnesses around the holiday season are rare, but have surfaced before this one.

  • Are Amazon boxes toxic to cats?

  • A Facebook post claims that all Amazon boxes are sprayed with toxic pesticides to kill rodents that can cause chemical burns on the tongues of cats, as well as a number of other potential symptoms including fever, lethargy and shallow breathing. The post includes a photo of what appears to be a cat鈥檚 tongue with swollen red marks.

    does amazon spray pesticides on their boxes

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