do they spray pesticides on organic food

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  • Does organic food have pesticides?

  • All of this organic food should be free of the pesticides most people are worried about: synthetic, chemical pesticides (and herbicides, for that matter). Not all pesticides are prohibited in organic farming, however. One of the ideals of organics is harmony.

  • Is the difference between organic and pesticide-free a regulated distinction?

  • It’s not a regulated distinction. Produce labeled pesticide-free probably was grown without synthetic pesticides, but there’s no federal regulation regarding the use of that particular phrase. Organic, however, is a well-regulated word.

  • Do some foods have pesticide residues and others don’t?

  • It鈥檚 important to note that some foods are not as likely as others to have pesticide residues on them. Avoiding items more likely to have residues and choosing them as organic is a good way to reduce exposure.

  • Are pesticides safe to eat?

  • While high amounts of pesticide exposure has been associated with increased cancer risk and other health effects, the EPA regularly tests samples crops to ensure pesticide residues fall within safe limits.

    do they spray pesticides on organic food

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