do organic pesticides work

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  • Are pesticides necessary when gardening organically?

  • Gardening organically is often a process of trial and error. There are a range of pests that can become a problem, and organic pesticides are sometimes prescribed as a solution. But it is important to remember that even when they are organic, pesticides might not be the right option.

  • What are organic pesticides and pest control?

  • Organic pesticides and pest control involve naturally-derived substances and mechanical control methods. The flip side, however, is also true. Just because something is naturally-derived doesn鈥檛 mean it is inherently harmless. Think about how many plants around the world are capable of seriously harming humans if ingested.

  • How effective are organic herbicides?

  • The effectiveness of these organic herbicides varies depending upon the type of weed, the size, and even the weather. These organic herbicides work best on weeds that are less than four inches (10 cm.) tall.

  • Do pesticides kill other insects?

  • Even organic pesticides are designed to kill insects that are plaguing your plants. Unfortunately, they do not usually only kill the insects that are a pest. They also often kill other insects that come into contact with them. This includes those insects that prey on pest species and help to keep their numbers down.

    do organic pesticides work

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