do greenhouse vegetables have less pesticides

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  • Do dehydrated fruits and vegetables contain more pesticides?

  • Some people believe that dehydrated vegetables and fruits contain more pesticides than fresh ones, but that is not the case. The pesticide content is the same as on the fresh fruit and vegetable, but the amount per weight is greater since the dehydration process removes the water from the produce.

  • Can I use pesticides in a greenhouse?

  • Label language will indicate whether a certain pesticide application is allowed in a greenhouse, and a restriction statement is usually found in the 鈥淒irections for Use鈥?section. Very often, greenhouse applications are only allowed on certain crops or crop stages.

  • Why do pesticides have longer residuals in greenhouses?

  • Many foliar-applied pesticides have longer residuals in certain greenhouse settings. Usually, pesticides degrade with exposure to sunlight. Greenhouses that use UV-blocking materials remove a large spectrum of light between 10 and 400 nm that we cannot see with our own eyes, but contributes to pesticide degradation.

  • Are pesticides in fruits and vegetables safe for kids?

  • However, the amounts of pesticides in a single serving of fruits and vegetables can exceed the amount deemed safe for a young child. It is important for children to eat their fruits and vegetables, but it鈥檚 safest to get fruits and veggies from organic sources if you鈥檙e feeding kids.

    do greenhouse vegetables have less pesticides

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