do gm crops reduce pesticide use

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  • Do GMOs cut the use of pesticides?

  • How GMOs Cut The Use Of Pesticides 鈥?And Perhaps Boosted It Again : The Salt There’s new and detailed data on the impact of genetically modified crops on pesticide use. Those crops replaced insecticides, and, at first, some herbicides.

  • How much do GM crops reduce pesticide use in China?

  • Overall, however, farmers reduced pesticide spraying by 776 million kilograms, or 8.6 percent, between 1996-2018 by adopting GM crops with insect-resistant (IR) and herbicide-tolerant (HT) traits. This is equal to more than 1.6 times China鈥檚 total crop protection product use each year.

  • Do genetically modified crops reduce the environmental impact of farmers?

  • As a result, farmers who grow GM crops have reduced the environmental impact associated with their crop protection practices by 19 percent, according to an indicator known as the Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ).

  • How has pesticide use changed over the years?

  • Overall, pesticide applications have decreased, largely due to the adoption of insect-resistant genetically modified crops. In fact, over the last 20 years, GMOs have reduced pesticide spraying by 8.1 percent. As a result the environmental impact associated with pesticide use on biotech crops has decreased by more than 18 percent.

    do gm crops reduce pesticide use

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