do ferns need fertilizer

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  • What kind of fertilizer do ferns need?

  • Most perennial ferns do not require fertilizer, however, can benefit from it. In fact, a 1/2-inch layer of aged compost applied in spring, covered by another inch of shredded wood mulch or straw mulch, can provide enough nutrients to maintain healthy fern plants while also helping to hold in moisture.

  • When should ferns be fertilized?

  • Slow release fertilizer for garden ferns should only be done annually in the spring. Container grown outdoor ferns can be fertilized in spring, and again in midsummer if they look pale and unhealthy. Fertilizer is leached out of container grown plants quicker than it is leached from garden soil. Never apply garden fern fertilizer in the fall.

  • How to fertilize ferns indoors?

  • You can use a watering can for applying the plant food to your ferns. There is a 1.5 lb and 5 lb pack that you will find for the plant food. Depending on the size of your fern growth, you can choose the package you want. This fertilizer encourages new plant growth and will be perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor plants.

  • Do ferns like manure or soil?

  • Ferns do not require much maintenance and can survive in a variety of soil conditions. Using a good fertilizer to supply the ferns with the required nutrients would be enough for your plant to thrive. However, manure is a very good option for your ferns as it can enhance growth.

    do ferns need fertilizer

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