can you get pregnant if you aren’t fertile

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  • Can you get pregnant if you don’t ovulate?

  • You can’t get pregnant if you are not ovulating because there is no egg for the sperm to fertilize. You can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex anywhere from 5 days before ovulation until 1 day after ovulation.

  • Is it possible to not get pregnant for weeks at a time?

  • Of course, every woman is different, as are her monthly cycles, so it’s never a sure bet to say that there’s any week or day when you absolutely cannot get pregnant (so always use protection if you’re not trying to conceive).

  • Is it possible to get pregnant 5 days before ovulation?

  • Therefore, having sex from five days before or one day after ovulation can result in pregnancy. A 2019 study found that women who have unprotected sex one day before ovulation had the highest probability of getting pregnant (41 percent). You may have heard that it鈥檚 not possible to get pregnant when you鈥檙e on your period, but this is a common myth.

  • Is it possible to get pregnant during your period?

  • Yes, if you have unprotected sex, it is possible to get pregnant during your period. However, the likelihood is low compared to other parts of the menstrual cycle. This is also the time many women understandably 鈥渁re not in the mood鈥?to have sex.

    can you get pregnant if you aren’t fertile

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