can you buy eggs at a fertility clinic

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  • Where can I buy donor eggs?

  • Fertility clinic donor egg programs usually have both Fresh and Frozen Donor Eggs for sale. Donor Egg Banks: Donor egg banks sell frozen donor eggs which they then ship frozen to fertility clinics to be used.

  • Can I buy fresh eggs?

  • Fresh eggs may be purchased so that you receive all the eggs that the donor produces (with no guarantee of number) or in a split-cycle fashion (which generally specify and guarantee a specific number, but not more). Purchasing all the eggs produced by the donor in that cycle costs more.

  • Can I use fresh donor eggs for IVF?

  • If you want to use fresh donor eggs, you and the egg donor take birth control pills and a synthetic hormone (like leuprolide) to get your cycles in sync. Your uterus must be able to support an embryo by the time the donor’s eggs are retrieved and fertilized.

  • Can I have IVF at 50 with own eggs?

  • There are many fertility clinics offering treatment options available to older patients in different countries. Whilst IVF at 50 with own eggs is extremely difficult to succeed the use of donor eggs or donor embryos significantly increases pregnancy rates.

    can you buy eggs at a fertility clinic

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