can states regulate pesticides more strictly than the federal government

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  • How are pesticides regulated?

  • In the United States, state governments play an important role in regulating pesticides. They may develop their own regulations that are stricter than the EPA’s federal pesticide regulations. This is done by each state鈥檚 pesticide regulatory office.

  • Who has to register pesticides with the EPA?

  • Establishments that produce pesticides, active ingredients or devices, including companies or establishments that import into the United States, must register and file production reports with EPA. Laws and Regulations Compliance A critical aspect of registering a pesticide product is the approval of the product label.

  • What does a state pesticide office do?

  • State pesticide offices can have many different responsibilities. They work closely with EPA and other federal agencies to enforce pesticide laws. Certification/licensing for pesticide applicators, consultants, businesses Investigation of pesticide incidents, including spills and misapplications

  • Is it legal to use pesticides in food?

  • Once registered, a pesticide may not legally be used unless the use is consistent with the approved directions for use on the pesticide’s labeling. EPA establishes tolerances (maximum legally permissible levels) for pesticide residues in food.

    can states regulate pesticides more strictly than the federal government

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