can scotts fertilizer be applied to wet grass

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  • Can you fertilize wet grass with Scotts Turf Builder bonus s?

  • According to the manufacturer, Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Southern Weed and Feed 2 is best applied when temperatures are consistently in the 60s, but below 90 degrees. Besides, can you fertilize wet grass? Watering-In the Fertilizer It is important to water-in with enough water but not too much.

  • Can I fertilize my lawn when it鈥檚 wet?

  • When grass is wet before fertilizers are applied it鈥檚 very hard to apply products safely so it鈥檚 rarely advisable. The fact remains that it is almost never advisable to fertilize your lawn when it鈥檚 wet. But there is so much to this answer, and there are exceptions with compost manures and a few other types as well .

  • What is the best fertilizer for wet grass?

  • Granular fertilizers are small, solid grains of nutrient-rich material that are dry and need water to dissolve. This solid fertilizer can be applied to wet grass, and it鈥檚 recommended to water your lawn before and after applying it.

  • Why choose Scotts® lawn food?

  • And because most Scotts Lawn Food products have Scotts All-In-One Particles, they give your lawn an even distribution of nutrients every time you apply it鈥攈elping your grass avoid the feast-or-famine, green-to-brown rollercoaster every couple of weeks that you鈥檇 experience with poor quality fertilizers.

    can scotts fertilizer be applied to wet grass

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