can phentermine affect fertility

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If you took phentermine before pregnancy,it should haveno effecton your ability to carry a healthy baby to term. All traces of phentermine should pass through your body. Even if you took your last dose a week before conception,it shouldn鈥檛 have any effect on your pregnancy.

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  • Can a father take phentermine if he is pregnant?

  • There are no studies looking at possible risks to a pregnancy when the father uses phentermine. In general, exposures that fathers have are unlikely to increase risks to a pregnancy.

  • Does phentermine cause irregular periods?

  • Responses (1) I say yes in answer to having irregular periods. You are not the first person to mention this. Its been asked fairly often by people taking the Phentermine. I am no doctor, but I did research and found nothing to say it does or does not. I answered you yes because it seems to effect others as I previously said.

  • Does phentermine affect the developing baby’s heart?

  • There are no specific studies that look to see if phentermine affects the developing baby鈥檚 heart. The limited available information suggests it would be unlikely for phentermine to cause heart problems in babies exposed during pregnancy.

  • Do drugs affect male fertility?

  • Certain drugs (legal and illegal) can have a negative effect on male fertility (a man鈥檚 ability to father a child). This article lists the most common substances that affect male fertility. Certain drugs, legal and illegal, can have a negative effect on male fertility (a man鈥檚 ability to father a child).

    can phentermine affect fertility

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