can pesticides kill fish

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  • How can you tell if a fish has been killed by pesticides?

  • A pesticide-related fish kill can occur any time of the day, and the water will appear to be normal in color with no unusual odor. Other signs to look for in a pesticide-related fish kill are deaths of other aquatic and semi- aquatic animals such as turtles, frogs, invertebrate insects, shrimp, and crabs.

  • What is the economic value of fish killed by pesticides?

  • With this information, it is assumed that the economic value of fish killed by pesticides each year is estimated to be $10-25 million. This is most likely a vast underestimate, as fish kills due to pesticides are hard to trace (see David Pimentel鈥檚 2005 study for more information).

  • Are insecticides toxic to fish?

  • Different concentrations of insecticides are present in many types of waste w ater and numerous studies have found them to be toxic to aquatic organisms, especially fish species, [45]. Fishes are particularly sensitive to the environmental contamination of water.

  • What is a fish kill?

  • Fish kills occur when pesticides are improperly applied to or otherwise end up in bodies of water through either misapplication or drift. In the past, these incidents have primarily been a coastal problem, but in recent years, the Department has seen pesticide-related fish kills throughout the state.

    can pesticides kill fish

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