can pesticides cause diarrhea

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  • What are the adverse effects of pesticides?

  • Identifying and managing adverse environmental health effects: Pesticides. Pesticide exposure can cause many different health effects, from acute problems such as dermatitis and asthma exacerbation to chronic problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer.

  • What is pesticide poisoning?

  • Pesticide poisoning occurs when pesticides, which are chemicals intended to control pests, affect non-target organisms including humans and wildlife. The symptoms of pesticide poisoning may be similar to other types of poisoning and even diseases.

  • When should you not induce vomiting after exposure to pesticides?

  • Do not induce vomiting when: the pesticide contains petroleum products such as xylene. Always wash the victim鈥檚 exposed skin with a detergent and plenty of water. Skin irritation can result from continuous exposure if not treated. If skin exposure occurs, obtain medical treatment.

  • Does exposure to pesticides cause chronic respiratory disease?

  • The baseline difference in mean age was small but statistically significant. Any exposure to pesticides, including residential, paraoccupational and domestic, was associated with respiratory disease and chronic respiratory symptoms (chronic phlegm, chronic wheezing, ever wheezing), except for chronic cough.

    can pesticides cause diarrhea

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