can pesticides cause diarrhea

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  • Can pesticides cause health problems?

  • But some pesticides can also cause adverse health effects in people. The possibility of someone developing health problems from pesticides may depend on the type of pesticide, the amount of exposure, and for how long or how often one was exposed to the chemical.

  • What are the symptoms of ingesting pesticides?

  • Some of the first symptoms that are seen with ingesting a pesticide is nausea and vomiting. Abdominal pain usually follows. These symptoms largely mimic gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and many people ignore it. Other symptoms that also arise with pesticide ingestion are confusion, tremors and respiratory distress.

  • How long does it take for a pesticide to affect you?

  • Pesticides can be acutely toxic. This means that they can cause harmful or lethal effects after a single episode of ingestion, inhalation or skin contact. The symptoms are evident shortly after exposure or can arise within 48 hours. They can present as: respiratory tract irritation, sore throat and/or cough.

  • What poisons can cause diarrhea?

  • Common poisons causing diarrhea: 1 Pesticides. 2 Copper sulphate (chemical experiments in schools). 3 Arsenic (coal combustion, wood preservatives, paints). 4 Thallium (electro industry). 5 Mercury (thermometers, fuel, amalgam fillings, chronic fish poisoning). 6 … (more items)

    can pesticides cause diarrhea

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