can low testosterone affect fertility

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  • What is low testosterone and male fertility?

  • Low testosterone male fertility at a glance Testosterone (T) is a key male hormone. Low testosterone occurs when a man鈥檚 testosterone drops below normal levels. Men with low testosterone levels, called hypogonadism in medical terms and commonly known as low T, can still have enough of the hormone for sperm production.

  • How does testosterone therapy affect fertility?

  • When low testosterone is the primary culprit of infertility, TRT may help by increasing blood serum concentrations of the hormone. In other cases, TRT may affect fertility negatively. Although many men who undergo testosterone therapy remain fertile, if you are undergoing TRT then you should remain cognizant of the potential side effects.

  • Can low testosterone affect your sex life?

  • Well, not exactly. Doing so can lead to problems, according to Puneet Masson, MD, assistant professor of Urology and director of the Male Fertility Program at Penn Fertility Care. 鈥淗ypogonadism鈥攐r low testosterone鈥攃an lead to issues with sexual desire,鈥?Dr. Masson says.

  • Can you get pregnant with low testosterone?

  • With low or no testosterone, conception would be tricky. You might believe the most natural fix would be to take testosterone. It makes sense that added testosterone will surely boost your manliness, including your fertility, right?

    can low testosterone affect fertility

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