can inhaling pesticides cause cancer

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  • Do pesticides cause cancer?

  • Some pesticides show evidence of being carcinogens, while others do not. Some pesticides have not been studied enough to determine if they can cause cancer. The risk of cancer from a pesticide depends on if it is a carcinogen, how you are exposed, how much you are exposed to, and more.

  • What are the health effects of pesticides on humans?

  • Cancer health effects of pesticides 1 Brain cancer. All 11 studies from the United States, Canada, and Europe examining… 2 Breast cancer. Six studies analyzed the association between pesticide exposure and breast cancer. 3 Kidney cancer. Six papers evaluated the relationship between pesticide exposure and kidney cancer,…

  • Does parental exposure to pesticides increase the risk of childhood brain cancer?

  • A community-based case-control study of parental occupational pesticide exposure and childhood brain cancer finds a slightly elevated risk of astrocytoma for paternal exposure to insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides; a slightly elevated risk of primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNET) for paternatal exposure to herbicides.

  • Can pest control exposure lead to lung cancer?

  • Although numbers were typically small, lung cancer risk among pest control operators was associated with reported exposure to carbamates, organophosphates, and phenoxyacetic acids and more specifically with diazinon, DDT, carbaryl, and propoxur.

    can inhaling pesticides cause cancer

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