can i put lime and fertilizer at the same time

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  • Can I apply lime and fertilizer in one go?

  • In case the lawn has an adequately neutral PH level, you can apply both lime and fertilizers in one go. It will help you save on time, labor, and resources. Applying both once will help in the long run, where soil PH is adjusted to help boost the soil nutrition and, by extension, its availability to the crop root systems.

  • Can you fertilize after liming?

  • Fertilizer may be applied right after liming. Seeding should occur after both soil amendments have been worked into the soil and the planting site is ready for grass seed. The best time to lime, fertilize and seed your lawn is at the beginning of your grass type’s growing season.

  • When should I add lime to my garden soil?

  • Adding lime in the fall gives the soil a chance to process it before spring planting begins. It also gives you time to make any further pH adjustments, if necessary. Test your soil pH again in early spring if it was very acidic to begin with. Add more lime if the pH is still too low (below 6.0). Wait at least a month after liming to add fertilizer.

  • How to apply fertilizer to soil?

  • Once plants have been given appropriate time to start absorbing the nutrients present in the fertilizer, apply lime to the soil. The addition of lime will increase the effectiveness of the fertilizer already present in the ground.

    can i put lime and fertilizer at the same time

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