can i fertilize a newly seeded lawn

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  • How do you fertilize a newly seeded lawn?

  • Begin by measuring your area to make sure you have enough fertilizer. Apply starter fertilizer only once you’ve lightly raked your soil and before you sow your grass seed. Once your grass has seeded, the next round should be a regular fertilizer application 鈥?this round should only occur four to eight weeks after the first, starter application.

  • How often should I fertilize my new grass seed?

  • When to Fertilize: Wait a few months until spring starts to kick in, from March on you can use a spring-summer fertilizer to promote the growth of your new lawn once temperatures begin to rise. After this routinely feed your lawn every 4-6 weeks. How Often to Fertilize New Grass

  • Does New Grass need different fertilizer?

  • This is true of grass grown from seed and from grass grown from plants in the form of sprigs, plugs or sod. Newly planted grass needs different nutrients than an established lawn, so the fertilizer application when planting will be different than the first time you fertilize newly planted, actively growing grass.

  • Should I fertilize my lawn before or after laying sod?

  • This can be done before you lay seed or sod, or at the same time. After you apply starter fertilizer, don鈥檛 reapply it. The ratios of nutrients can actually be harmful and burn established grass. I recommend using a traditional, nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer 6-8 weeks after planting new grass.

    can i fertilize a newly seeded lawn

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