can hernia affect male fertility

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Inguinal hernia repair without meshhas no impact on male fertilityand obstructive azoospermia. However, the use of mesh in bilateral open and/or laparoscopic repair may require the inclusion of male infertility as the part of informed consent in individuals that have not completed their family or 鈥?/div>Author:A. Kordzadeh, M. O. Liu, N. V. Jayanthi

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  • Does hernia surgery affect male fertility?

  • Generally speaking, an inguinal hernia does not cause infertility in men. So for the question, Does Hernia Surgery affect male fertility, can it be safely assumed that they hernia does not cause male infertility? We shall explore further. A hernia present does not cramp the testicles and cause any defect to the male sperm-producing organ.

  • Can inguinal hernias cause infertility?

  • Inguinal hernias can present many painful symptoms, but the most pressing concern for many male patients is whether or not a hernia (or hernia surgery) can cause infertility. In this article, we are going to discuss whether a groin hernia or hernia surgery can result in infertility.

  • Does inguinal hernia affect male鈥檚 sexual performance?

  • It can appear as a swelling or lump in the groin or as an enlarged scrotum in some men. When inguinal hernias develop, certain concerns are often raised on sexual desires and functions as well as fertility. Regarding clinical studies, certain surgical approach to treat inguinal hernias might disrupt male鈥檚 sexual performance.

  • Can incarcerated hernias cause infertility?

  • Incarcerated hernias may also cut off the blood supply to one or both testicles, which could interfere with sperm production. These are just a few more reasons why you should have your hernia diagnosed and treated to avoid serious complications. The next question many patients have is: 鈥淐an hernia surgery cause infertility?鈥?/div>Can Hernia or Hernia Surgery Cause Infertility? | MN

    can hernia affect male fertility

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