can fertilizers be harmful

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  • What are the harmful effects of fertilizers on the environment?

  • Some of the harm chemical fertilizers may cause include waterway pollution, chemical burn to crops, increased air pollution, acidification of the soil and mineral depletion of the soil. Advertisement

  • Do Fertilizers deplete soil of essential nutrients?

  • There is an increasing concern that continuous use of chemical fertilizers on soil depletes the soil of essential nutrients. As a result, the food produced in these soils have less vitamin and mineral content. According to data produced by the U. S.

  • How do chemical fertilizers pollute water?

  • Water polluted by chemical fertilizers. The use of chemical fertilizers on crops can have adverse effects on waterways caused by chemical run off of the excess fertilizer. The over-abundance of nutrients in the water reduces the amount of oxygen. The existing organisms living in the water use up the oxygen that is left.

  • What is a chemical fertilizer used for?

  • What is a Chemical Fertilizer For? A chemical fertilizer is a natural or synthetic substance that is applied to soil for the purpose of supplying nutrients essential to plant growth. Chemical fertilizers can be categorized into two types, namely organic and chemical.

    can fertilizers be harmful

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