can a high cervix affect fertility

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A soft high cervix isa sign of fertilitywhile a low lying and hard cervix show that ovulation is not near. Your cervix could be permanently open if you had a vaginal delivery or miscarriage. Estrogen is responsible for softening of tissues. The levels of estrogen are high during fertile days. Cervical mucus also softens the area.

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  • How does the cervix affect fertility?

  • From there, cervical mucus will carry your sperm along toward the fallopian tubes, where it can fertilize an egg. The cervix does play a role in fertility, but where the cervix is located doesn鈥檛 seem to impact fertility.

  • Is high cervix fertile or not?

  • High Cervix 鈥?Fertile Or Not? A high cervix in menstrual cycle means that you are about to ovulate. The reason why the cervix shifts high up is to reduce the distance between the uterus and os. Reducing the time and difficulty for sperms to reach the tubes a high cervix becomes firm.

  • Can cervical polyps affect fertility?

  • How it can affect fertility. The connection between cervical polyps and infertility is associated to where the polyp is placed. High up in the cervix, polyps can block the opening of the cervix and make it impossible for fertilization to occur. Also, the polyp may interfere with the production of cervical mucus.

  • What does your cervix position say about your fertility?

  • Cervix position and changes in cervical position during the menstrual cycle can tell you a lot about your fertility. During your fertility window, the cervix shows and is soft. One can easily use a finger to check the position of the cervix and interpret the changes in cervical position.

    can a high cervix affect fertility

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