can a high cervix affect fertility

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  • Do abnormal cervical secretions increase the risk of infertility?

  • It is estimated that abnormalities of cervical secretions may account for 鈭?% ( Hull et al., 1985) to 8% ( Brandes et al., 2010) of cases of infertility in women. Intrauterine insemination (IUI), IVF and ICSI, treatments which bypass the cervix and its mucus, have drawn attention away from the function of the cervix and its interaction with sperm.

  • Is high cervix fertile or not?

  • High Cervix 鈥?Fertile Or Not? A high cervix in menstrual cycle means that you are about to ovulate. The reason why the cervix shifts high up is to reduce the distance between the uterus and os. Reducing the time and difficulty for sperms to reach the tubes a high cervix becomes firm.

  • What does your cervix position say about your fertility?

  • Cervix position and changes in cervical position during the menstrual cycle can tell you a lot about your fertility. During your fertility window, the cervix shows and is soft. One can easily use a finger to check the position of the cervix and interpret the changes in cervical position.

  • Can cervical cancer treatment affect my fertility?

  • This is due to potential changes to and scarring of the cervix after you get this treatment. if you are interested in preserving your fertility, and you have small tumors and are in the early stages of cervical cancer, your doctor might suggest one of these procedures.

    can a high cervix affect fertility

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