are worm castings good fertilizer

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Aren鈥檛 a fertilizer

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  • Are worm castings good for plants?

  • Worm castings are good for almost all plants as they contain a variety of nutrients that are ready to absorb by the plants. The only time not to use worm castings you鈥檙e using it on plants that prefer acidic soil. However, this can be easily fixed by adding some acidic amendment or fertilizer to the soil.

  • How much fertilizer should you mix with worm castings?

  • To apply, mix in 15-25% worm castings (or 1-2 inches) with soil and fertilizer. So, while worm castings are a proven nutrient-rich resource for plants, they鈥檙e not a complete fertilizer.

  • Why should you choose Brut worm castings for soil treatment?

  • Because Brut makes the soil ready for the future as well by providing long-term nourishment to plants鈥?soil. Brut worm castings are able to maintain the soil balance with minerals and nutrition. According to the soil category, the castings provide their impact on the soil. So these are able to treat the soil properly.

  • What are worm castings made of?

  • Worm castings include a highly active mixture of enzymes, bacteria, animal manure, and remnants of plant matter. Worm castings are one of the richest natural fertilizers to humans. Little pure worm castings contain organic plant nutrients to feed an average size plant for over two months.

    are worm castings good fertilizer

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