are worm castings good fertilizer

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Aren鈥檛 a fertilizer

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  • What are the benefits of worm castings in fertilizer?

  • Another benefit of worm castings being used as an organic fertilizer is their ability to strengthen plant roots for indoor and outdoor plants. When added to a potting mix or garden soil, worm castings will increase root mass. This will allow plants to absorb more water and nutrients.

  • Should you use Worm Casting in your garden?

  • So, if you own a plant or garden, you should consider applying worm casting to their soil, as it’s a high nutrient source for them. A worm casting is a highly effective organic fertilizer that will help your plants grow to their full potential.

  • What are earthworm castings and how are they used?

  • Worm castings are essentially worm poop. When earthworms eat compost, they excrete waste high in minerals and beneficial microbes. Also known as vermicast, these fertilizers are collected in a controlled environment via a process known as vermicomposting and used as fertilizer for plants, flowers, and vegetables.

  • Do worm castings affect soil pH?

  • By adding worm castings (with a pH of around 7) to the soil, they can decrease the pH of alkaline soil or increase the pH of acidic soil. If you are growing plants that need particularly acidic or alkaline soil, worm castings may affect the pH too much.

    are worm castings good fertilizer

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