are worm castings good fertilizer

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Aren鈥檛 a fertilizer

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  • What are the benefits of worm castings in fertilizer?

  • Another benefit of worm castings being used as an organic fertilizer is their ability to strengthen plant roots for indoor and outdoor plants. When added to a potting mix or garden soil, worm castings will increase root mass. This will allow plants to absorb more water and nutrients.

  • Are worm castings good for citrus trees?

  • Even though worm castings provide high-quality nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant immediately, they simply lack the volume of nutrients that鈥檚 in fertilizer. Worm castings also have a neutral pH of 7, so acid-loving plants, such as citrus, will likely need some acidic-amendments mixed in.

  • How do you apply worm castings to plants?

  • The best way to apply worm castings is by either adding them to the initial potting mix or by using them as a mulch. If you already potted your plant, or are going to use the worm castings for plants in your garden, mulch is the best way to go.

  • Are worm castings better than compost?

  • In small volumes, worm castings are better than compost because their nutrients can be immediately used by plants and won鈥檛 burn them like some composts. Worm castings can also be made in less than half the time. However, due to the higher cost of worm castings, compost is the better choice if you need larger volumes.

    are worm castings good fertilizer

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