are pesticides and herbicides the same thing

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  • What is the difference between insecticides and herbicides?

  • Insecticides are a type of pesticide that is used to specifically target and kill insects. Some insecticides include snail bait, ant killer, and wasp killer. Herbicides are used to kill undesirable plants or 鈥渨eeds鈥?

  • Are fungicides and herbicides pesticides?

  • Both fungicides and herbicides are pesticides, but there are many more types of pesticides, including insecticides, disinfectants, antimicrobials and molluscicides. The clue to the type of pest the pesticide controls is often in the name.

  • What are the different types of pesticides?

  • Pesticides can be insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, nematicides, or algicides. Herbicides can also be further classified into types 鈥?selective or non-selective.

  • What is a herbicide?

  • What is a herbicide? Herbicides are a type of pesticide that specifically targets weeds and other unwanted plants. They fall into one of two categories: Selective herbicides – kills only one sort of plant in an area that contains several plant varieties.

    are pesticides and herbicides the same thing

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