are pawpaw trees self fertile

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  • Are Paw Paw trees self-fertile?

  • Note: Paw Paw Trees are not self-fertile, so if you keep your plant indoors, hand pollination is a must. If you鈥檙e planting more than one Paw Paw Tree outside, leave approximately 15 to 25 feet of space between your trees and other structures.

  • How long does it take for a pawpaw tree to fruit?

  • For paw paw trees grown from seed, expect to wait 5 to 8 years for fruit production. Do pawpaw trees stink? The bark, twigs, leaves and blossoms of paw paw trees have a perceptible odor.

  • Do pawpaw trees grow bigger each year?

  • Each year, our pawpaw trees grow larger, yielding ever greater quantities of delicious pawpaw fruit. Last summer was the first time we ever had more pawpaw fruits than we could possibly eat fresh, which falls into the 鈥済ood problem鈥?category.

  • How to grow a Paw Paw tree from seed?

  • Follow these steps to grow paw paw trees from seed: Scoop out the seeds from a ripe paw paw fruit. Next, scarify the seeds. This involves scratching the shell of the seed but not the seed itself. Use sandpaper or a file. In fall, you can direct sow the seeds outside where they鈥檒l naturally stratify over the winter and sprout the following summer.

    are pawpaw trees self fertile

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