are free range eggs fertilized

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Not necessaily fertilized

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  • Do free-range eggs need to be fertilized?

  • Free-range eggs are not necessaily fertilized. This is because hens that are allowed to roam free, especially if the roosters are also allowed to roam free, can鈥檛 be tracked in terms of when or if they mate. Free-range refers to allowing the hens to roam somewhat freely rather than being kept in cages.

  • What is a non-fertilized egg?

  • Fertilized eggs are the eggs laid by a hen, after mating with a rooster. If the hen lays eggs having not mated recently, those eggs are NOT fertilized. We all know that chickens lay eggs.

  • Are free-range eggs the same as organic eggs?

  • Finally, be aware that free-range eggs aren’t necessarily the same as organic鈥攖he USDA requires that free-range eggs come from chickens that have some access to a small, fenced patch of cement (which they may or may not use). Additionally, free-range chickens might eat non-organic feed and are sometimes given antibiotics or other drugs.

  • What is a fertilized egg?

  • A fertilized egg is an egg produced by a hen that has access to a rooster, but will look and taste just like an unfertilized egg. These free-range hens enjoy access to an outdoor pasture alongside their barn. At night, the hens sleep in the clean barn in wood shaving bedding to protect against natural predators.

    are free range eggs fertilized

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