are eggs fertilized that we eat

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Not fertilized

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  • Are eggs fertilized?

  • In industrial egg production farms, because hens do not live in the same space as roosters, hens cannot produce fertilized eggs. Therefore, the eggs that you purchase from the store are not fertilized.

  • Do you eat a baby chicken when you eat an egg?

  • (No, Don鈥檛 Panic!) No, you鈥檙e not 鈥榚ating鈥?a baby chicken when you eat an egg. Almost all eggs sold in supermarkets will not be fertilized. Even if an egg is fertilized, the embryo is basically in suspended animation as a hen has not sat on the egg to incubate it.

  • Is it dangerous to eat eggs that have been fertilized?

  • So, there is no danger in eating eggs that have been fertilized. Because all eggs sold for consumption the US have to be refrigerated, the chances of you ending up with a fertilized egg on your plate are minimal.

  • Are supermarket eggs fertile?

  • Supermarket eggs are not fertile – not even free range or organic eggs. Commercially produced eggs are laid by hens who are either in cages, barns or pastures – but without access to a male chicken. And without a male, a hen’s eggs cannot be fertilised. Which takes us to the next point… 2. Does a hen need a rooster to lay eggs? No.

    are eggs fertilized that we eat

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